IS-M in den Randomgefechten

Einer unserer langjährigen treuen Kunden schaut regelmäßig alle Replays durch, die er nach jedem Auftrag erhält. Dabei bekommen wir oft seine Rückmeldungen dazu. Dabei beschreibt er die besten Szenen und die amüsantesten Momente dieser Gefechte oder kommentiert einfach die Gefechtsverläufe oder bestimmte Handlungen/ Entscheidungen seines Paten. Diese Zusammenfassungen sind außerst unterhaltsam und werden vom gesamten MYTANDO Team sehr geschätzt. Aus diesem Grund wollten wir diese Erzählungen auch unseren anderen Besuchern zur Verfügung stellen.

"Leider" nur in Englisch

"I watched IS-M replays, and here are my comments if you are interested:

1. Prokhorovka.  Very frustrating to see team camp in B1 and leaving Michael to spot the hill - in a tank with no gun depression and rear-mounted turret =).


2. Malinovka. Very good study of why taking the hill in an MT early is important. Their B-C 25t did just that, ours stayed in base. Theirs did 6.5k damage, ours 736... Loss and it was never close.


3. Tundra.  HT-12.4 - it took some luck, but IS-M turned out to be very bouncy =).


4. Sacred Valley - tier X battle.  Michael went to the South, was quickly left with barely alive IS and M46. IS was killed which turned it into 1v5, with Patton sitting in the back - watching and also letting a hull down Caern farm him.  Frustrating.


5. Sand River - 1st game when Michael was top tier.  Shows how strong IS-M can be against lower tiers.  Only arty and AMX 50 100 could damage him.


6. Overlord.  Another top tier game!  But - we have IS-M and T26E4, enemy has 252U and Lorr 40t.  Which side would you take?  Here Lorr 40t flanked Michael twice - undetected until the last moment.  The first time some of Michael's allies were distracted by a yolo-ing ELC EVEN, but T26E4 next to Michael did not see the Lorr until it shot him; and he was within proxy spoting range =).  Then Lorr flanked them from the opposite side - having gone dark and crossed over completely unlit - killed Michael and put a shot into the T26E4 before pulling into cover to reload.  Michael asked in chat the T26E4 if his eyes were in the ass - but that was not possible; the guy looked only straight ahead =P.  I can relate, I am guilty of the same lack of awareness sometimes.  Felt disappointing - tier VIII heavies are not top tier very often - although some credit must go to the Lorr driver.


7. Unlucky loss on Mountain Pass, tier X again.  Battle favored the enemy, who took 7-3 lead.  It was brought back to 7-7.  Michael decided to push to enemy base - to kill arty and cap if necessary.  There were 2 important moments - the first when our GW E 100 killed tier VIII arty (charging our base =) instead of T110E5 driving behind it.  The second was enemy 212A splashing Michael thus resetting cap points - a bit lucky, but the guy was clearly thinking.


8. More frustration on Malinovka, where friendly 705A - almost full health, too - sat and watched from the hill as enemy Cent AX killed off the team one by one.


9. Bizarre battle on Karelia.  Michael was fighting together with IS-3 and T34 - and it's hard to imagine less coordinated attack.  Especially T34 played strangely - at first he was sitting in the back, then blocked Michaels' retreat, which caused him to eat 2 shots from enemy IS-3.  Then after peaking to shoot, he tried backing up - even though enemy was a 1-shot so the obvious play was to move forward to let the teammates come up and shoot.  Michael later managed to flip his tank as he slid off a steep rock; maybe he'll do a triple Axel one day ;).  The T34 followed him - carefully after having stopped for a second seeing Michael on his side - and the delay gave enemy time to reload and kill him.  Again the T34 play was odd - he could have driven around instead of following Michael.  I felt like screaming at this T34 driver...


10. Very nice battle on Himmelsdorf.  Quick push along the 2 line and passive enemies resulted in quick victory.  1415 base XP was not enough for mastery badge!


11. Fisherman's Bay.  Michael spearheaded push down 1 line - which succeeded, and pretty quickly too.  Unfortunately the city was lost.  The biggest difference was our tier X heavy, which did 700 damage while their IS-7 did over 4K.  Also our fast tanks quickly abandoned middle of the map (for no reason, really), and middle has side shots on tanks in the city.


12. Heroic climb to the lighthouse on Cliff =).  Michael was pretty much out of better options at that point.


13. Tier IX battle on Malinovka.  Michael was cursing friendly Leo PTA - and for a good reason.  The guy went to the hill to spot, ran away when Primo Victoria showed up - which I think was reasonably smart since he was not in a good position.  Came back to help heavies, but ran away too early - leaving Michael against WZ-111 and IS-3.  Came back after Michael was killed, which made no sense at that point.  I understand the impulse to run away in a squishy tank, but one needs to understand when to trade away hitpoints for tactical advantage or to keep teammates alive – esp. when top tier...


14. Loved the battle on Live Oaks.  It was a loss, but Michael took up aggressive position around B4 - looking to put side shots into heavies driving to town.  Bounced off 705A (what a gorgeous tank, really!) and IS-4, quickly learned that IS-M armor doesn't work well against tier Xs.  But in exchange slowed down enemy going to town and kept Grille 15 sitting on the ridge lit.  It took our team a while to kill the 705A and IS-4, Michael managed to put few shots into Grille 15 and E 75 in meantime.  Finally Grille killed him, but by that time the other flank was lost, enemy was in our base while our heavies kept slowly pushing forwards.  We lost by cap, since by then we had no fast tanks to even try resetting; we were behind in number of tanks anyway.  I really liked how Michael took aggressive position allowing him to spot / flank - which is often all a bottom tier tank can do.  But it is certainly not my instinct to drive ahead of our main force when I am in a bottom tier HT - so I learned something.


15. Very entertaining battle on Abbey - tier VIII and IX.  Michael pushed forward to ~F2, where he met WZ-111 1-4, Obj 257 and some tier 8s.  Enemy was a bit passive, Michael pushed around the corner and a bunch of his teammates followed.  The hero of this phase quickly turned out to be friendly Lowe, who pulled to the front and flanked Obj 257 pinning him against a wall from the side.  His (Lowe) side was exposed to at least 4 enemy tanks, but 257 was lifted off the ground and flipped vertically up along the wall - and quickly killed of course.  Lowe took some damage from the enemy, some because of lifting 257, but survived.  Lowe (he was in Christmas camo, BTW) then pushed into Caernarvon, Pershing and AMX 65t - just stood in front of them without any cover; I can't remember another such unexpected maneuver, I was laughing like crazy.  Interestingly, Lowe survived despite his reckless push - don't ask me how =).

Thank you Paul for great feedback! We really appreciate it und hoffentlich alle anderen unserer Besucher auch :-)

mytando Team


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