Payment options

At present we accept the following means of payment:


You pay the invoice amount via the the online-provider Paypal. You have to be registered or register an account with Paypal, validate your login details and confirm the payment instructions. Additional information can be received when placing an order.


We also offer you to pay by SOFORT transfer. This way we get the transfer check directly, which speeds up the whole order process. All you need is your banks' account number, bank identification number, PIN and TAN. The safe, for merchants not visible, payment form of the SOFORT GmbH will automate SOFORT transfers in real time on your online bank account. The amount of purchase will thereby directly and instantly transferred to the merchants bank account. If you're choosing SOFORT as the payment option an already filled form will open in a new tab at the end of the order process, which already contains our bank details, amount of payment and reference. Now you have to pick the country where your bank is located and enter it's bank code. Then you're going to use the same login data you're using for your online bank account (account number and PIN). Confirm your order by entering the TAN. Immediately afterwards your transaction will be confirmed. Generally every internet user with access to an activated online bank account that uses a PIN/TAN procedure can use SOFORT transfer as a payment option. Please take note that not every bank supports the SOFORT transfer service. Further information if your bank is supporting the SOFORT service can be viewed here:

Amazon Payments

If you're choosing “Amazon Payments” as a payment plan the cash settlement will be managed by the payment service provider Amazon Payment Europe s.c.a., 5 Rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg (hereinafter: “Amazaon”), valid by the Amazon Payments Europe use agreement, viewable at If customers choose “Amazon Payments” as payment plan when finishing an order, they will send a payment order to Amazon. In this case, the seller accepts the offer at the time the customer finishes the order by clicking the checkout button and completing the payment procedure.