Loyalty discount

Loyal customers should be rewarded! That's why Mytando offers you a bonus system which saves you money by ordering. We're offering 4 levels of discount at the moment. It's starting with a 1% discount and goes all the way up to 10% discount for all orders.

Needless to say the different cashback levels are easier/harder to reach. Here are we introducing the different levels of discount and all the information you need, for example the conditions and requiretems of each level.


The Bronze discount is especially for occasional buyers and easy to reach within our bonus system and gives you a 2% discount on all your orders.
1 % discount for 100? sales in 60 days


The Silver discount is reached very easily aswell and gives even more discount to save some money. This bonus is easily achieveable by most customers.
3 % discount for 200? sales in 60 days


The Gold discount is reachable with a lot of smaller orders or a few larger ones and gives you an impressive discount.
5 % discount for 400? sales in 60 days


The premium class discount for our most loyal customers. Save up to 10% discount on every order and enjoy the advantages of our Platinum discount customers.
10 % discount for 1000? sales in 60 days

How does the discount work and how do I get it?

Mytando calculates your status daily. The system pays attention to all your orders in the last 60 days and assigns the appropriate status to you. P>

In addition to the daily calculation, in the future there will always be special discounts that are granted only for the respective status and are not accessible to all.
The discount will be displayed directly in the articles and the categories and will be deducted directly from the order.