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Mytando Club

You want even more discount, more bonus and more awesome promotions? The Mytando Club by Mytando offers just that! Choose between 4 different variants and secure your membership for 1 year or more. Membership is worthwhile even for very small sums and brings you beyond the year of membership, a huge advantage and big savings. The personalized offers are also top notch with especially high discounts on your most purchased products. 

The Options

Your last 365 day sales
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Permanent discount1%3%5%10%
Gamedollar through your orders--3% Monatlich6% Monatlich
Monthly personalized special offers----
Preferred processing for orders--JaJa
Worth from the following amount500 € / Year600 € / Year800 € / Year1000 € / Year
Your savings based on last 365 daysNo savingsNo savingsNo savingsNo savings
Price4,99 € / Year17,99 € / Year39,99 € / Year99,99 € / Year

What you get & what you need


  • Permanent discount
    The permanent discount is the minimum discount you are granted without keeping the loyalty status active. This is especially useful if you also have longer breaks between the orders and still want to enjoy the best discount.
    If you have a lower membership than Legendary and still spend over 1000 Euro in 60 days, you will still receive the 10% discount due to the Platinum Status and will then revert back to your guaranteed discount through the membership.

  • Gamedollar through your orders
    On the 1st of each month, as an Epic or Legendary member, we will give you 1% or 2% as a credit in the form of a game dollar. This bonus gives you up to 2% more discount.

  • Monthly personalized offers
    The offers also appear on the 1st of the month and are geared towards you. If you buy a lot of gunmarks, you will receive a high discount on gunmarks (example).

  • Preferred processing for orders
    If you are an Epic or Legendary Club member, your orders will be processed and ranked before "normalo" customers. However, this does not replace the express service.

  • Worth starting from quantity X
    The sum refers to the permanent discount of the membership. As a Green Legendary member, you'll have the membership fee back after 1000 Euros and still save 10% on each order regardless of the loyalty system.

  • Important: Other promotions, discounts and co
    If Mytando grants discounts that are higher than your guaranteed discount, the promotional discount will replace your value and it will NOT be supplemented. Vouchers, however, still work in addition, as well as the volume discount by a high order total directly in the cart.

How does membership work?

Your membership is already well explained on the left.
However, the following points are important:

  • The membership is valid for 1 year or more if booked (example: 01.08.2019 bought, thus 31.07.2020 end)
  • You can find the remaining time at any time in the customer account
  • The loyalty discount and membership discount do not add up. However, membership is a Rabat guarantee, regardless of what your annual membership revenue looks like.

In addition to all the benefits, we are always planning special events, promotions and specials for all our members. These are not betrayed in advance, but you always informed personally when something exciting is planned.

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